Need talented copywriter/author for CatalogICO!

Need talented copywriter/author for CatalogICO!

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If you write interesting articles about ICO or you want to try yourself as a bounty hunter (earning 0.1-2eth for 1 ICO review project) and want to have additional income, write to with a note “copywriter”! Join of the CatalogICO team! Contact with me

The average reward for the review of 1 ICO project is 0.2-2eth!
in addition to the site we publish in 5 blogs!

  • We have an online spreadsheet to work with the bounty!
  • We do a thorough analysis of projects!
  • We publish articles in all our resources!
  • Earnings from the bounty are divided in a proportion of 45% by the author / 45% the founder of the site / 10% website promotion

  • we have a general chat of authors for news and updates in bounty campaigns!

  • we have a common purse for rewards. Receipt of tokens can be tracked in by every author!

we offer 2 models of cooperation whith Authors!

  1.  you write an article, we publish it and after the arrival of the tokens we divide the reward by 45% / 45% (To join the team, you should write a test review and provide a link to it! The project for review can be selected upon request!)
  2.  you write an article and place it on a paid basis for $ 15 while you specify your wallet and bitcoin talk profile! and place your author in a bounty spreadsheet! in this case 100% of the tokens come to your wallet! (provide us a link to your article, pay in a convenient way PayPal/crypto – 15$ and we will post a review with your authorship!)


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