Price per token: $0.45 | Category: Blockchain Service
  • Category: Blockchain Service
  • Price per token: $0.45
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC20)
Hype rate: High
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Max
CatalogICO interest: Medium Interest
Team from: Slovenia
Fundraising goal: 12,000,000 USD USD
Total tokens 100,000,000
HardCap: $ 12000000
A decentralized video platform powered by the blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing.


We believe there is a better way to monetize content and promote content creators.
That’s how Viewly explains the reason why they developed a new video platform. Unsurprisingly, the project attracted enough investors to get started. They have collected a considerable amount of 9 million of dollars for only 2 weeks since the ICO started. Viewly has attracted huge interest with more than 30,000 people joining the platform’s Telegram group. The project is currently being actively discussed and people are sharing their views on its future. The moderators are helping newcomers to get along and responding questions in regards to the fund-raising for developing the video platform. The end of ICO is scheduled for March, 22nd.

So how is Viewly going to help both video bloggers and their viewers?
The answer to that question is very simple. Payments are executed directly between supporting fans or businesses, and content creators by using peer-to-peer date sharing, blockchain technology and smart contracts. Forget about intrusive advertising, the company aims to be ad free.

What the Viewly development team says is that middleman platforms have a number of problems related to aspects of video monetization, especially legal relations between content makers and video platforms themselves. A lot of business structures pay huge amounts of money to platforms and creators only receive a tiny part of that revenue. The creators are least involved in the process of making contracts with advertisers. Middleman platforms make their own decisions what kind of advertising to show in a video, they take all the money and pay only part of it to creators.
Viewly, in turn, provides peer-to-peer content delivery network, participating in which people will be rewarded with tokens. The amount of tokens that can be obtained for participation hasn’t been declared yet, but in total they are going to sell 30 000 000 tokens approximately. The total amount of tokens is 100 000 000. On condition that the price of 1 token is 0.45 USD, they have good chances to collect the full amount. At the moment they already have 74.3% of the whole amount. They accept ETH, BTC and EOS.

The Viewly team includes IT industry veterans who had been working on different projects already. The director, Stefan Furlan, is an experienced manager with 10 years of experience in marketing; he is a PhD candidate in Laboratory of Data Technology. Romina Kavcic was engaged into Stellar development, which doesn’t need any introduction. A senior software engineer, Uros Jurglic, met complicated challenges working successfully for Scholastic UK. Of course, all 10 people of the Core team are professionals in their own area and which is confirmed by a finished prototype of the video platform available on the website.

The company has actively been promoted in social media. They attend the events devoted to blockchain and already try to build good reputation. It’s not easy to promote the product on the market and compete with Youtube and Vimeo. To be sure, it will take some time before that ambitious team releases its content delivery network. It is supposed to be released at the end of 2018. It has enormous potential and, who knows, maybe in a couple of years “the dinosaurs of video hosting” disappear and let new era

Team project


Author: Skorpo

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Project advisors

Charlie Shrem
Business & Cryptocurrencies
Charlie is most known for founding BitInstant, one of the earliest and most high-profile Bitcoin companies for facilitating Bitcoin retail transactions. Charlie currently serves as Jaxx’s Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this role, Charlie served in a similar capacity at Decentral Toronto and Business Development at Payza. Charlie also founded the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit to standardize and advocate for Bitcoin in 2012 and served as its vice-Chairman in 2014.
Shaishav Todi
Strategic advisor
Shaishav is a Founding Partners at Signal Ventures, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency funds of 2017 which specialises in investing in early stage Blockchain startups as well as Token Sale Consulting. As an evangelist and early investor in the cryptocurrency space, Shaishav has provided valuable advice and insight to a leading number of teams working in the blockchain space. Shaishav was a technology entrepreneur prior to the advent of bitcoin and brings with him considerable knowledge on growth strategies, user experience, tokenomics and partnership building. Shaishavs previous investments include 0x Protocol, Zilliqa, EOS, Blocktix, Kyber Network, Republic Protocol, Civic, Request Network, IoTex, Origin Protocol, Matrix AI, Selfkey, Wanchain, Decentraland and Tenx.
Bob Chandra
Product & Marketing
Bob Chandra is a product and marketing specialist, having spent 17 years in high-tech, most recently with, where he served as a senior manager responsible for North America operations for the largest marketing channel online as measured by revenue. Prior he managed a team of marketers and engineers at @WalmartLabs, driving innovation in's product discovery experience. Earlier, Chandra joined Twitter's Growth unit where he built Twitter's first organic search marketing analytics.