Price per token: $0.2 | Category: Business services, Platform
  • Category: Business services, Platform
  • Price per token: $0.2
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC20)
Hype rate: High
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Max
CatalogICO interest: Hight interest
Team from: Belize
Fundraising goal: 820000 USD
Total tokens 70 400 000 VST
HardCap: $ 14350000
Vestarin is a unique platform for the cryptocurrency market. You can find the right people to work with the blockchain projects. Spend crypto for daily needs, shopping, restaurants or services without changing it to fiat money. Be more informed from trusted people about new ICO start-ups before investing in them, as well as about a lot more features such as informational base, news, forum and mining farms market, in order for businesses to integrate an establishment or a shop in any country and get a profit in cryptocurrency.


Vestarin builds an all-in-one platform and ecosystem for cryptofollowers: both individual users and business, based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard).

Their mobile app will unite hundreds and thousands of service providers and sellers, who receive payments in crypto with their users. The Demo version is already available on Google Play and App Store.

Solutions Vestarin will provide:

All this will be realized from the start in a multilanguage form:

Vestarin will gather around its platform a strong community of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and fans providing them with a structured and smartly arranged information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies: info-source.

While entrepreneurs will get a relevant and comfortable place for integration of their businesses with low fees, users will get such opportunities as:

You won’t have to trust ICO teams by word anymore, but will have the opportunity of minimizing your risks thanks to Vestarin’s user rating. Every startup will have its own reputation based on the feedback from platform users which will help to increase or decrease the credibility of a particular project.

There already exist a lot of cryptoexchanges but it takes much time before new coins and token are listed on them. Sometimes it never happens at all.  The Vestarin platform will integrate exchange points and everyone will be able to get or sell the desired currency in a couple of clicks!

Users of the Vestarin platform will get the opportunity to find a team of professionals to implement their project and collect money for developing and launching it through crowdfunding.

The platform will get a stable cash-in of 5% from:

Plus a fixed unique bet for ICO integrations and fixed monthly bet for exchange points.

Vestarin team

Vestarin token info

Vestarin token (VST) is an ERC-20 token and smart contract system, based on Ethereum protocol, so they can be freely transferred between the wallets and easily integrated into the cryptomarkets.

A total of 70 400 000 tokens will be issued.

Pre-ICO ended on February 28

ICO will start on March 5 and end on April 4

Maximum ICO quantity: 70.400.000 VST

Hard Cap: 35 000 ETH

All the tokens left after pre-ICO and ICO will be burnt.


Author: Skorpo
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1387958

Project advisors

Reinhard Berger
FinTech veteran
Business architect for global banking system for Credit Suisse, UBS, Invesco. MSc in computer science. M.A in law.
Wulf Kaal
Сrypto expert
Сrypto economics, blockchain innovation and law expert. Advisor to several EU and US crypto companies. Ex-Goldman Sachs, Cravath.
Douglas Lyons
Strong expertise in Risk Management, Blockchain tech, market adoption analysis and start-up investment.

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