Price per token: $0.2 | Category: Business services, Infrastructure
  • Category: Business services, Infrastructure
  • Price per token: $0.2
  • Bonus: 10%
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC20)
Hype rate: High
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Max
CatalogICO interest: Hight interest
Team from: Europe, Poland
Fundraising goal: 1,000,000 USD USD
Total tokens 500,000,000 REPUX
HardCap: $ 33100000
RepuX’s blockchain-backed platform enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to capitalize on business solutions via the data sharing network. SMEs often don’t know how to optimally utilize the data they have amassed in order to make impactful business operations decisions and lack the resources needed to implement them.


Description Repux ICO

Advertised as a decentralised marketplace run by tokens that is based on the principle of ethereum smart contracts to repurpose data from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), giving them the edge and information to succeed.


Repux have approached the control of data of consumer data differently than the frenzy of similar ICOs witnessed last year. The customers in this ecosystem are SMEs and developers, co-existing in an easy-to-use ecosystem where they can sell and buy consumer or business data with the help of REPUX tokens and repurpose this data in such a way that it provides useful applications. Ultimately, the goal of a startup like this is to grab a slice of the data pie that Google, Amazon and Facebook currently keep for themselves, and create an environment where SMEs have access to data that could improve a number of their practices.


The Repux Protocol blockchain promises enterprises that by selling their data to developers, these devs will have access to otherwise unused business data and could create apps that solve problems such as inventory management, accounting, supply chain, lending, business intelligence and more. These apps aim to be AI enhanced, adapting their applicability to a different business model other than where the data originated from. According to the white paper, Repux strives to refine unused data from numerous billion dollar industries such as advertising, ecommerce, credits/loans, and even medical records.

Team & Partnerships

The Polish management and product team are led by COO Marcin Welner, Tomasz Tybon and Aleksandra Stazewska (try saying that three times fast). All 3 together have over 40 years of experience in IT programming and business analysis, marketing, sales, product development; you name it. Their team also consists of a majority of developers of different levels of expertise and note-worthy advisors such as the COO of investFeed Justin Jovanrovic, and COO of the Opus Foundations music streaming service Mateusz Mach. However, as of right now it is not entirely certain how much value either can contribute to a project of this nature.

Repux ICO Details

Repux boasts crazy discount rates, particularly at the start of the ICO with up to 50% bonus tokens at presale and 30-10% as the initial coin offering draws to a close. The token supply is at a reasonable value for marketplace operations at 500,000,000 REPUX currently being

valued at 1 REPUX = 0.20 USD. Accepted currencies include ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer using details found on their website at ​​.


This project Repux is attempting seems ambitious, but it is important to remember that every successful venture also is. The danger with marketplace operations such as these is that the premise of Repux and its success lies on adoption, as most marketplaces often do. Particularly, the promise of developers and SMEs both being incentivised to use the platform is a HUGE must, and at the moment Repux seems more focused on product development than a marketing strategy for the platform. This does not necessarily have to be a concern however, as their following and engagement on social media is encouraging at this stage of the project and Repux claims to be involved in distribution agreements with developers that already have access to millions of SMEs in China.

Achieving their goal to solving a real world problem will depend on their ability to fully develop the Repux Protocol, and if successful the data of a multitude of business and apps developed by devs promises to bring in a huge chunk of that billion dollar pie.

Repux team

Author: Skorpo
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1387958

Project advisors

Dr Jay Best
Advisor Team
Dr Best was named Top Crypto Strategist UK 2017, a seasoned C-level executive and board member, having pioneered deep learning on GPUs at MIT and now spending most of his time between London, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh as a lecturer, advisor and investor.
Douglas Pike
Advisor Team
Experienced Scientific Programmer with a demonstrated history of applying theory and computational methods to solve complex problems. Strong research professional skilled in C++, Blockchain protocol development and Biophysics.
Mateusz Mach
Advisor Team
Forbes 30 Under 30. COO of the Opus Foundations - music streaming platform based on Ethereum and IPFS. Advisor to many blockchain based projects running his own Ethereum focused software development company.

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