PHI Token

Price per token: $1.61803 | Category: investment
  • Category: investment
  • Price per token: $1.61803
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC20)
Hype rate: Normal
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Max
CatalogICO interest: Hight interest
Team from: USA, Malta
Fundraising goal: 1000000 USD
Total tokens 24,157,817
HardCap: $ 15000000
The first Wealth Management marketplace that combines traditional finance and the crypto world into a new, higher return and more robust way to invest in the long term.


Which problems solve this project from DIAMAN Capital LTD (more than 16 years Experience in Financial Markets)?
PHI aimed on creating the world’s first platform, which will allow investors to mange there money through a single interface. But what is the uniqueness of the project? This platform will help investor to diversify his funds not only into crypto currency market, but also into real market. The PHI Token is the golden mean between traditional finance world and crypto world, what will help to create new type of reliable long-term investments.

The PHI Token sale itself starts on 8th March 2018 and will last until the 21st of March. Total supply is 7,881,196 tokens at the price of $1.61 per token.

The official website of the project provides information that the scale of the market is unbearable (90 trillion dollars) and this platform is setting to disrupt this market-place. Moreover, this project provides its’ investors 30% cash-back on financial operations accomplished through the platform, supplementing it with an annual “buy back and burn” process, that increases the cost of the token.

Every user of this platform will be used to purchase PHI Tokens on exchanges and be eliminated to create the effect of scarcity that will produce continuous growth time to time.

As it was said before, the PHI platform provides you a full range of all existing financial instruments and an opportunity to choose and interact with different members of the market, thus creating a healthy competition.


PHI Token timeline

Q2 2017: Project Definition
Q3 2017: Risk assessment and beta tools rolled out
Q4 2017: Definition of TGE’s team and detail
Q1 2018: Pre-sale and pre-ICO event
Q2 2018: PHI in exchanges SCC contitution MFSA authorization
Q3 2018: EXANTE crypto DIAMAN Tech
Q4 2018: DIAMAN Sicav PIF on Crypto Assets
Q1 2019: Branch in the USA, EXANTE equity
Q2 2019: PHI buyback and burn
Q3 2019: AIM, ANI Fund
Q4 2019: Crypto certificates

PHI Token sale

Token Symbol – PHI

Total Supply – 24.157.817,00

PHI Soft Cap – 1,000,000USD

Hard Cap – 14.930.352

PHI PRE-ICO – Closed

Number of PHI Token in Pre-Sale – 3,524,578 PHI

Minimum amount in Pre-ICO – 1 ETH

Discounted price – 21%

Option for early termination – yes, after ordering tokens 3,524,578

Possible contract of reservation in Pre-ICO – yes

PHI Token ICO Starting Date – March 8, 2018

Number of IRC token in ICO – 7.881.196

Timed ICO – Until 21 March 2018

Minimum amount ICO – No Minimum

Number of PHI to issued – 24,157,817.00 PHI

Customizable adjustments – unsold tokens will be destroyed.

More Token Issues – No, one token problem in ICO

A safe method for purchasing Tokens – only ETH

Token distribution is supported – No later than April 5, 2018

Event Token Generation (activation date) – April 5, 2018

PHI Token team

Author: Skorpo

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1387958

Project advisors

Leonard Bonello
Legal Advisor
Soala Orupabo
Paolo Tasca
Head of Advisory

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