Price per token: $0.0001 ETH | Category: Business, services, Investment, Smart, Contract
  • Category: Business, services, Investment, Smart, Contract
  • Price per token: $0.0001 ETH
  • Bonus: Available%
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)
Hype rate: Low
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Normal
CatalogICO interest: Hight interest
Team from: Australia
Fundraising goal: 20000 ETH USD
HardCap: $ 20000 ETH
The Invox Finance Platform is an invoice lending platform disrupting a US$2.8 trillion industry. Lead by a stellar team with over $30 million of invoice financing behind them, Invox Finance is creating a decentralized peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors, and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information.




Invox is a decentralised, innovative peer to peer lending platform that directly connects sellers and investors to buyers in a way that makes invoice financing cheaper, more accessible and transparent.


Invox aspires to make invoices dynamic and easier for businesses to access and for lenders to manage. It hopes to accomplish this by created a trusted and beneficial platform on the decentralised ledger that gives all types of businesses an advantage in different ways, from the SMBs to large corporations.


Sellers can sell their invoices to accelerate their income by being connected directly to investors and selling at the best prices. Investors in turn are able to receive high rates of return by having access to investment products that aren’t easily accessible through conventional means. And buyers can be granted extended invoice payment periods through the new system that will permit them to fully optimise the capital. Invox also offers risk reduction by spreading the amount of invoices through fragmentation principles and additionally offers users rewards for the verification of invoices on the platform.

Team & Partnerships

The Mezhvinsky brothers Alex and Adam are the CEO and COO of Invox respectively. The Australian duo have credentials in law and finance, and are looking for a solution to business problems through invoice financing and also providing investment opportunities to the rest of their users. The team is partnered with SelfKey which hints towards a secure method of identification and verification being utilised on the platform and will most likely have masternodes running in the not too distant future with the help of Masternode Ventures. The targets for the release of this platform are Australia, North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Information about the team members, advisors or the roadmap can be found on their website at ​​.

ICO Details

The tokens on offer have the ticker INVOX and the total supply is 464 million tokens. The current ICO is at stage 4 with a minimum buy-in of 0.1 ETH and the hardcap of the project is set at 20,000 ETH. The price at publishing time is 10,000 INVOX = 1 ETH and the tokens themselves are ERC20 standard tokens with utility on the platform as well as exchange value. 55% of the total supply is being offered on public sale, and around 70% of the funds raised will be used for the marketing and operations to grow the user base and ensure it runs smoothly. Research estimates the invoice financing market at about 3 trillion USD and Invox hopes to be able to capture a sizeable portion of that market capital. Further details on the market and the plans Invox have to capitalize on this sector of lending are detailed in that whitepaper here ​​.


The idea of invoice loans on a smart contract platform seem to provide assurance of security and indicate an effortless transfer system between buyers and sellers. The platform has benefits for every party involved in the lending process and the alpha launch is expected as soon as Q3 of 2018, which means they should have a fully functioning product in no time. The early investors of this platform at the current prices are almost certain to witness the rapid growth of Invox once they are able to execute their plans and realise the vision of Alex and Adam Mezhvinsky.

Author: Skorpo

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