Price per token: $1 FLUX = 0.5 USD | Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports
  • Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports
  • Price per token: $1 FLUX = 0.5 USD
  • Bonus: Available%
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC20)
Hype rate: High
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Not rated
CatalogICO interest: Hight interest
Team from: Estonia, USA
Fundraising goal: 20 000 000 USD USD
HardCap: $ 20 000 000 USD
FLUX — unique global gaming platform that unites all parts of gaming industry ecosystem where players, developers, traders, and the gaming community can transform their time and needs into money using special gaming FLUX COIN. Utility token is needed to purchase gaming items, receive rewards, and participte in competitions and tournaments.


FLUX – the gaming ecosystem


Know someone who starts a game the next second they turn up home after work? or another one getting up in the middle of the night to join the online battle? have a friend streaming videos about his/her wins and losses in the popular game?

The gaming industry booms luring more clients and capital every year. But most existing centralized gaming platforms can’t provide the direct money transfer between the developers and the users thus multiplying gamers’ costs and diminishing developers’ profit.


FLUX aims at changing gaming market building a decentralized global gaming ecosystem with a competitive atmosphere that offers a marketplace for games, online streaming, and trading in-game items.

Platform structure

The FLUX service will consist of such platforms as WEB version, desktop and mobile. The developers have specially divided the FLUX platform into micro-services to make upgrade of each part easier and more convenient. They will also be autonomous and separate from each other.

The decentralized database will be located in the cloud space and will store and secure games and personal keys from the hands of scammers. Game statistics will be stored in the database using blockchain technology, so it will not be possible to change it!

FLUX will also work with Twitch thus giving videogame streamers the possibility to earn real money for their streams.


FLUX will give every participant of the gaming market what they want:

Means to join the platform

To get the platform up and running FLUX issues a unique token called FLUX. The token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain and is ERC20 compatible. The flux token will be the only access to the services offered by this platform and is created for correct work of all services.

How to get FLUX tokens

The public token sale of the Flux token will start on the 17th of April, 2018 and continue till the 24th of April, 2018.

During the token sale, 1Flux token will be equivalent to 0.5 dollars. The currencies that will be accepted during the token sale are ETH, BTC, USDT, DASH, ETC, LTC, ZEC, VISA, MASTER CARD, USD, EUR, SHAPESHIFT, BNB and KCS. The Flux token wil be listed on the exchanges in May, 2018 and the release of developer market and mobile client trade is expected in the third quarter of 2018.

Author: Skorpo

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1387958

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