Price per token: $1 ETA = 0.000002 ETH | Category: Platform, Real, estate, Software
  • Category: Platform, Real, estate, Software
  • Price per token: $1 ETA = 0.000002 ETH
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)
Hype rate: Normal
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Max
CatalogICO interest: Medium Interest
Team from: Switzerland
Fundraising goal: 105000 ETH USD
Total tokens 75 000 000 000 ETA
HardCap: $ 105000 ETH
The Etheera project was established initially in 2017 by IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH. The IZ Real Estate Kriens GmbH is a Swiss-based company that is active in the real estate field since 2013. As industry insiders with very wide expertise, market knowledge and informative exchange with business partners, owners, landlords and potential buyers, we have recognized problems and suboptimal processes already at the national level without imagining the same but much wider problems on international levels! With Etheera, we have found the ALL IN ONE solution. Etheera offers the first decentralized global real estate platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides properties for purchasing, renting and bed & breakfast offers.


ETHEERA is a project for everyone, no matter if you are the person who wants to rent an appartment for a couple of days or you are a real estate agent. Owing to the Etheera platform combining the blockchain-portal, each its user will be able to find the necessary house for him all around the world. In the same place without problems there will be a correct broker ready to help. Without leaving the Etheera platform, it will be possible to make the transaction and to issue the contract for rent or property sale. On Etheera there will be no hidden payments, and fee will be possible to be carried out by means of Bitcoin, Altcoin, PayPal, Visa, etc.

Internal Currency of the Platform

ETA token is of the Ethereum ERC20 standard. Tokens of ETA have distinctive feature: each holder of ETA will receive dividends for holding  this token.

Sale of tokens of ETA will be carried out from February 10, 2018 to April 30, 2018 (or before achievement of HardCap).

Total – 75 000 000 000 ETA

SoftCap – 6 000 ETH

HardCap – 105 000 ETH

The minimum order per transaction – 75 ETA

The price is 1 ETA = 0.000002 ETH

Significant Etheera’s Functions

Team Behind the Project

Alexandar Bojat

Founder Etheera

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

Daytime Allrounder with wide Sales and Market experience in Real Estate, Software and other Businesses. Privattime familiar guy, daddy and natural lover with Futuretech flair and Music skills.

Artan Ibrahimi

Co-founder Etheera/CEO IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

-Simon Snek

Isa Zeqiraj

Co Founder Etheera / CEO IZ Immobilien Kriens GmbH

“Let’s go invent tomorrow  instead of worrying what happened yesterday.”

-Steve Jobs

Soham Dutta

Leader and consultant for special Investment requests and Business Angels or Capital funds

Soham is a strategic investor in upcoming ICOs. Also, a business development consultant for ICOs and Cryptocurrency based companies.He provides portfolio consultation services to individuals looking to invest in Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency.

Ahtasham Khan

Senior Webdeveloper  / IT Specialist

Ahtasman is  a Web Programmer, IT Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate and a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. He  loves to write books on Web Technologies and Advancements. This guy does program amazing thing in PHP and Python platforms.

Davide Rausa

Chief Marketing Officer

Davide is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to oversee all marketing operations of the company and develop its marketing strategy and vision. He is  in charge of a team of enthusiastic marketing professionals and will direct Etheera marketing efforts towards great success.

Florian Zefi

Promotion Manager

Florian  directs programs that combine advertising with purchasing incentives to increase sales. He is a professional manager and a good guy.


Community Manager French

“Music combined with great efforts can lead to great success.”


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