Price per token: $0.08 | Category: Platform, Infrastructure
  • Category: Platform, Infrastructure
  • Price per token: $0.08
  • Platform: Etherium (ERC20)
Hype rate: High
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Max
CatalogICO interest: Hight interest
Team from: Russia
Fundraising goal: 10,000 ETH USD
Total tokens 217,500,000 EEE
HardCap: $ 12000000
It employs blockchain to create the first e-commerce infrastructure where sellers and customers become interconnected. Just as Ethereum for ICO, Elementh is going to become infrastructure for e-commerce - a standard which makes interaction easier and more efficient. Elementh's goal is to create a unified product classification standard and platform that allows for the quick setup and scaling of e-commerce projects.


Elementh is a blockchain infrastructure designed for e-commerce market!

Elementh provides all participants of e-commerce market with real-time and historical data on stock inventory and price. It also allows to create decentralized and centralized applications based on the Elementh blockchain. The first token pre-sale was start on januari 2018.

What do the experts think

Elementh scores high at experts! There are high expectations for the coin, which are mostly positive, based on the 80 – 100% chance of succes for the future of this coin.


The coin already received eight prizes before the coin started, mostly “Best Start-up’s” and “Young talented specialists” awards.


The coin started in 2012, which means there has been a lot of time spent to development. The long presence of the coins adds trust to the user’s mind, it could be one of the reasons the experts are impressed and interested in this coin! The last ICO Token event will be held in april 2018. After that, they’ll leave his ICO status and want to grow up as a coin and start to begin their official cryptocurrency-existence!

2012 – MIIIX company establishment

2012 – Investments from RSV Venture Partners and Business angels

2014 – Number of Product categories is 1000

2016 – in the MIIIX database there are 70 mln SKU in 30,000 product categories, 1000 shops from different industries, clients from small shops to the largest portals in the field of e-commerce (Sberbank AST)

2017 – the transition to the blockcain technology with the introduction of open source project Elementh.

JANUARY 2018 – PRE-SALE (15TH – 31ST )

FEBRUARY 2018 _- PRE- ICO (1ST TO 14TH )

MARCH 2018 – PRE- FUND (15TH TO 31ST )

APRIL 2018 – ICO (1ST TO 30TH )

JUNE 2018 – Blockchain Basis Layer (Alpha) – EAS, ESC(g), EIPC, ECPN

AUGUST 2018 – Blockchain Abstract Layer (V_0.1) – ESC(u),EOTS,ESNS, EPS.

OCTOBER 2018 – Blockchain Abstract Layer (V_0.2) – ESNS, EANS, ESS(Test Net)

DECEMBER 2018 – Wallets And Blockchain Explorer (Release)


MARCH 2019 – Master Nodes

MARCH 2019 – DAPPs

Team Elementh

The team is led by Sergey Ryabov, who is the CEO. He already have al lot of experience with founding company’s, so this wasn’t his first experience. The team consists of a large team, with a lot of experts and professionals. They hired some advisers to help with Marketing, Financial and Legal knowlegde, which makes the team stable and the result of a product a lot higher.

You can meet them!

The team is easy to find online, but you can eitherway can go to one of their presentations!


We think this coin is very interesting, with a very good base and a superior team. We agree with the experts about the construction; it has been done perfectly. The coin will stay updated, because the team keeps working on it … We think it will be a succes!


The elementh token is a utility token called EEEd on the ERC20 standar which will be exchanged for ethereum or bitcoin which in turn are used for blockchain extention, development, attreacting new investors and maintaining the entire system. The private pre- sale commenced on the 15t January, 2018 and terminated on the 31st January, 2018. The ICPO will begin on the 1st of april and end on the 30th of april, 2018 at exactly 23:59 UTC. The soft cap will be valued at 10,ooo ETH while the hard cap will be valued at 30,000 ETH.

Author: Skorpo

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1387958

Project advisors

Michael Averbach
Financial Advisor
20+ years in IT-business, serial enterpreneur, investor. Key expertise: creation of business structures, marketing and sales strategies, creation of mobile applications and mobile devices, electronic commerce and corporate software, as well as management
Proorocu Aurel George
Marketing Advisor
Aurel was in 2016 one of Financial Times "100 Faces of Innovation" due to his contribution to the development of the Internet market in Romania. He has over 14 years experience in the IT and Digital marketing field, working for Companies like Google Enterprise
Ilya Anikin
ICO, Investment and Strategy Advisor
Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience. Managing and Investment director of VC Funds Sferiq Venture Capital Fund and Imperious Group, which have total invested more than $200 millions in more than 30 companies.
 8 years' professional investment banking

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