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In the project reviews, we adhere to the following rules

HYPE value

This factor relies on the size and quality of the genuine audience interested in the project in social networks, chats and on the internet. Spam and bounty activity is sorted out. Then the remaining activity is compared with other ICO campaigns running at the same time and relevant completed token sales.

RISK value

This factor reflects the conditions of participation in the token sale (% of tokens available for fundraising, hard cap, personal hard cap, pre-sale results, buyback and etc).

This factor may suggest that the exchange price could be lower or higher than the price during the ICO.


This factor shows how much token price could change over the short- and mid-term. The factor depends on the ICO conditions and performance of similar projects in retrospective.

The ‘Interest Level’ rating is updated once the factors have changed, for example.


This factor affects all the others, if the team's plans are ambitious and high, but the developers are unknown, there are no public advisors, the question arises whether the team will cope with the set plans. Famous advisors participating in the project are good marketing, and a team with experience in developing blockchain projects is credible.


Happy Customer


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Business Growth


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Top 3 Coins to Watch Nov 19 – Nov 25, 2018

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The market has suffered a severe loss of value this week, and the following week’s projects are set to benefit from a number of developments and launches that should result in an increased amount of attention, while one project remains a stable hedge against the market continuing on its current downturn.    Waltonchain (WTC) Waltonchain […]

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Crypto faces a loss of $6B in 48 hours

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November’s second week happened to be quite a lucrative one for an array of tokens including Stellar, Ethereum, Cardano and Ripple as they surged by up to 30 percent, which is quite an unusual thing, given the recent trends. Well, the primary credit for this short-term exponential growth goes to BCH as it managed to […]

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Crypto Market Snapshot – November 16, 2018

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The cryptocurrency market couldn’t stage a recovery from Wednesday’s sell-off, and the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has slipped to $183.3 billion. Among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, 76 lost value, although the drops were somewhat contained with only 11 falling by 5% or more. None of the top coins gained value during the last 24 hours, […]

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