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In the project reviews, we adhere to the following rules

HYPE value

This factor relies on the size and quality of the genuine audience interested in the project in social networks, chats and on the internet. Spam and bounty activity is sorted out. Then the remaining activity is compared with other ICO campaigns running at the same time and relevant completed token sales.

RISK value

This factor reflects the conditions of participation in the token sale (% of tokens available for fundraising, hard cap, personal hard cap, pre-sale results, buyback and etc).

This factor may suggest that the exchange price could be lower or higher than the price during the ICO.


This factor shows how much token price could change over the short- and mid-term. The factor depends on the ICO conditions and performance of similar projects in retrospective.

The ‘Interest Level’ rating is updated once the factors have changed, for example.


This factor affects all the others, if the team's plans are ambitious and high, but the developers are unknown, there are no public advisors, the question arises whether the team will cope with the set plans. Famous advisors participating in the project are good marketing, and a team with experience in developing blockchain projects is credible.


Happy Customer


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Business Growth


Cups of Coffee

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Crypto ATM Growth Proof that Mass Adoption is Underway

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Declining fiat values has prompted many crypto critics to assert that blockchain assets are fundamentally flawed, or far less popular than earlier believed. The truth appears to be more complicated, with blockchain technology thriving, and interest in crypto continuing to grow, despite the drop in prices. One clear indicator of crypto’s increasing popularity is the […]

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Crypto Recap of the Week Dec 10 – Dec 16, 2018

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Total market cap almost falls below $100 billion The market has moved in a generally negative direction this week and slipped closer to a total valuation of $100B. The total cap stood at around $114B during the early hours of Monday, and hit $115B before falling back and dipping by $3B to reach $112B. Monday […]

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People’s Bank of China Officially Bans Security Token Offerings

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During the last couple of months, China has often reiterated its aggressive position towards digital currencies. A similar event recently took place, after the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) decided to ban security token offerings, also known as STOs. Banning the Successor to ICOs For those who do not know, STOs are considered the successors […]

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